friday tidbits

As you may have noticed, I have tweaked the blog a little bit. I scrapped the separate ‘about’ page and put all the info in column one, to the right. The currently reading and playlist sections are now linked as well. Enjoy.
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I have also added a link to the 2009 Evolving Church Conference that will be taking place on March 21st in Oakville. The theme is Amidst the Powers and the conference will feature such speakers as Stanley Hauerwas, Walter Wink, Marva Dawn, as well as the music of Derek Webb. I have been all over Hauerwas’ work over the past few months because of the nature of my Master’s program, and also heard him speak in Winnipeg a couple of years ago. It was a tremendous experience. If you are going to be in or around Southern Ontario on the 21st, I would highly recommend attending this conference. I wish I could be there myself.
– – – – –
I owe a great debt to Chris Lewis for introducing me to Arrested Development, and there has been a huge void in my life since making my way through each episode multiple times. I love the Office and Curb, but there was something about every character on the show being genuinely hilarious and enjoying the layered humor that AD offered. Recently, though, I have been watching some 30 Rock, and would put it up there with AD for the very reasons I mentioned. It’s another critically acclaimed + amazing cast + hilariously written show that apparently not too many people watch. Here’s a clip of a running joke from some early episodes.

– – – – –
Time to start the day. There is much studying to be done between now and noon on Monday, which means the update post next week will probably be a little lame.
– – – – –
I forgot to add this movie trailer that I saw yesterday. Looks like a funny one.

    • Ty
    • January 16th, 2009

    hey dude that movie does look pretty funny, good call, and as you know 30 Rock is awesome!! Keep up the good blogging I love to read it!

  1. yeah, that movie does look funny.
    did you see forgetting sarah marshall?
    also a good one.

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