exam week

While it has been nice to have two full weeks to study for two exams, it’s also been a drain thinking about little other than two exams for the last two weeks. In three and a half hours, the first one will begin, and then by noon on Wednesday, it’ll all be over. Have I mentioned that exams are by far my least favorite part about being a student?
– – – – –
Despite all the studying, we still managed to have a nice weekend. We went to the flat of some new friends for supper on Friday evening, and it was very nice to chat and enjoy some great fellowship. I also very much enjoyed the homemade tarts for dessert and the fact that they were both Starbucks baristas and have all the goods to make basically the same drinks at home. Lauren and I have always been blessed with great friends wherever we have been, and that remains true here in Aberdeen.

On Saturday, I went to the city library to study a bit while Lauren ran some errands, and then we enjoyed a warm beverage and some more studying at a coffee place. Lauren was on skype during the evening [more studying for me], and then after church on Sunday, I studied some more before chatting with my parents during the evening.
– – – – –
When taking a break from studying this past week, Lauren and I have been watching Band of Brothers. While not at all a fan of war, I have always been fascinated by WWII, maybe because my grandfather was involved or due to the great historical significance. It’s very hard to watch, but tells the story in a way that shows the effects of participating in war and the camaraderie that developed during it. It is very well done, and I am looking forward to watching the last four episodes.
– – – – –
Steelers v. Cardinals in the Superbowl? Wow. I hope to be able to watch the big game in a couple weeks, and will most certainly be cheering for the Cards. The bigger football news in these parts yesterday was the huge victory at Pittodrie. Aberdeen FC defeated Scottish Premier League leaders Celtic 4-2 to move into third place. I was studying about 2 km away, and when I came out of the Uni Hub, I could hear the cheering and chanting. I have to get over there for a match sometime very soon. If they maintain third place, the Dons will qualify for Champions League play next year. I did watch a bit of the Raptors game yesterday, and things are not looking good. Apparently BC might have a trade in the works but I’m not sure that can turn their season around.
– – – – –
The weather looks to be rubbish today – rainy, windy and chilly. Boo.
– – – – –
Time for some last minute revision before writing out everything I know in regards to Pastoral Care and Counseling from 12-2 this afternoon.



    • Jim
    • January 19th, 2009

    Good luck on your Exams.


  1. Thanks Dad. The first one went well, I think. Not as confident [yet] about the next one. Tomorrow will be a big day of NT revision.

    • Ty
    • January 19th, 2009

    what do you think about the marion deal, I think we could use a guy like that, have a starting lineup of Bosh, Bargnani, Marion, Parker and Calderon would be sweet, he could help us with Defense and rebounding.

  2. I think it’s pretty good. I don’t know if it’s enough to help them make a splash if they get to the playoffs. Obtaining Marion would give us some money to spend on FA’s this summer, although I guess we would be stuck with Banks who I haven’t heard too many good things about. I saw Micheal Grange from the Globe mention trading O’Neal for Marbury straight up and then ditching him, getting rid of all the salary and not having to deal with Banks. That would kid of be giving up on this season, though. They have to get rid of JO, that is for sure.

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