you found me

I enjoy the music of The Fray [new album drops on 3 Feb 09].
I very much enjoy the TV show LOST.
Put the two together and you have one awesome Season 5 promo video, which I have been watching and analyzing in great anticipation of the premiere tomorrow night.

Things that caught my attention:
0:29 – Waiting for a call, Jack? From who?
0:44 – This ‘vision’ of Charlie makes me wonder if the former Hobbit will make an appearance this season?
1:02 – Is this man in the yellow the dude that was formerly in the hatch with Desmond? And if so, this raises the question of when and not where the island may have disappeared to.
1:34 – What is that logo that quickly pops up?
1:49 – Not a fan of making it seem as though Ben is playing this song on the piano.
1:52 – Whose shoe is that?
2:05 – Is that THE hatch found in Season 1?!?
2:12 – Who is shooting these flaming arrows?
2:10 – What’s with this compass that Locke keeps looking at, and who is pointing a gun at him?
That voice over of Jack saying ‘we have to go back’ is maybe one of my favorite moments of the whole show so far. First flash forward = amazing.
One final question: will Sawyer ever wear a shirt during season 5?

A three minute clip and already so many questions. I can’t wait for exams to be over so I can devote more brain time to figuring out LOST.

  1. I am SO excited to watch! See you guys on Friday! Some of my predictions…

    0:29 – Waiting on call….from Ben?

    1:02 – bingo! — I think the island went back in time and that things have not yet happened (same hatch as season 1)

    1:52 – Not shoe – statue of Mary with drugs from plane.

    2:12 – Ageless others attack.

    2:10 – Compass is leading to the black rock (that is a far out guess)

    One final question: will Sawyer ever wear a shirt during season 5? I hope not! heheh.

    Side note: The Fray must have some sort of contract with ABC…but they are good for sure.

  2. It is taking everything in me today not to load up the episode’s. I will wait for tomorrow night and enjoy it with some Dharma wine! That was a very nice touch by the way.

    About the phone, I think I remember that the fact that it is a Razr was actually meant to be a clue that it was a flash forward and not a flashback. I read that somewhere I think. And yeah, that’s totally a statue, not a shoe. Oops.

    Looking forward to hanging with you and James tomorrow night.

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