what’s a willy waught?


Is it really the beginning of the last week of January?!?! What the what? As if it has already been a month since our trip to Paris. Crazy. Scary. As per usual, I am here to offer up the Monday update. Let’s get to it.
– – – – –
Friday night was, of course, spent watching the premiere of LOST. It was, in a word, awesome. They have obviously decided to go all with sci-fi / time travel deal, and that is totally fine with me. I have this theory that the finale of the show will somehow involve the passengers of Oceanic 815 [including an alive and well Christian Shepherd] safely flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, but that’s really the extent of how much I have thought it through. It was nice to get together with some friends to watch it, and I think it was the first time I had watched anything on an actual TV in about 5 months.
– – – – –
On Saturday morning, Lauren went out shopping with a friend, so I cleaned the flat and watched the Aberdeen v Rangers match on the macbook. I know I recently confessed to being a fan of european football, but this match fed into the common stereotype that the game is just too boring and that nothing really happens. The final score was 0-0, with few scoring chances on either side. But then again, it might not have have been any more or less boring than a 12-11 hockey game.
– – – – –
That night, we finished off the Band of Brothers series. The whole set was so well done, but very difficult to watch at times. In some ways, I was very relieved when it was all over; I can’t imagine how relieved they were when the actual war was over. In the end, it didn’t even seem important who had won the war – you just wanted to see the preservation of humanity in the midst of great evil [on both sides], and an end to what was no doubt one of the greatest examples of the world as it is not mean to be. I would highly recommend a viewing of this series, if you have not done so already.
– – – – –
After church yesterday, we went out for a steak and ale pie lunch to celebrate Robert Burns Day. Very tasty. We also sang Auld Lang Syne in church, and it was quite fun to sing about having ‘a cup o’ kindness’, which Lauren told me after is synonymous with adult beverages. We remain unsure, however, of what it means to ‘tak a right gude-willy waught’. I’ll get back to you on that.
– – – – –
I have been listening to some Flight of the Conchords on the iPod whilst doing the dishes lately, and have been especially enjoying this one:

– – – – –
I am fortunate to have the week off before classes resume on the 2nd. It is not, however, a holiday week for me as I will be spending my time a) reading for my dissertation and possibly for my new classes, b) organizing my dissertation notes and c) trying to find a part time job. I am also hoping to finish of The Shack sometime today, and will try to post my thoughts on that soon. Plus, I am feeling a touch under the weather, so I might possibly kick back and watch the new X Files movie that I grabbed from the library the other day.

Je pense que c’est tous.



  1. I believe “willy waught” means “goodwill drink”, which likely means good auld whiskey. Love you hus!

    • Jonathan
    • January 26th, 2009

    Have you seen any of FOTC’s new season? A slight dip in quality says I.

  2. Jon – I agree, it has been a bit weak, especially ep.1. The latest one was better, I thought. Hopefully that’s indicative of a progression of funny.

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