jesus wants to save christians

I finished reading Jesus Wants To Save Christians yesterday. I had purchased it before Christmas, but with Paris and exams, I only got around to reading it this week.

Rob Bell and Don Golden basically offer up a biblical theology based on the idea of God calling a people to bless the nations as opposed to finding comfort in being blessed and consequently resting on their laurels. God’s people have been called to be a living Eucharist, reflecting the body broken and the blood shed – God’s redemptive work in the world. Unfortunately, as the title would suggest, the church today doesn’t too a good job of that, and like Solomon, has adopted ways of living that are more reflective of empire than kingdom. A quote that kind of sums up the flow of the book would be the following:

God doesn’t just want to save us; God is looking for a body, a people to incarnate the divine. We’re invited at Sinai to join the God of the oppressed in doing something about or broken world. And that involves hearing the cry of the oppressed and then acting on their behalf.

This is a good book, a quick read that could use a couple goings over to get the full impact. It’s written in trademark Rob Bell style, which means you don’t really get 200 pages worth of content but, on the flip side, you can have a laugh reading it as though Rob Bell was speaking. In. Really. Short. Sentences. I really liked the idea of the church as a living Eucharist and the ties between discipleship and God’s call to Israel at Sinai. I did think it was a bit lacking in terms of a discussion about the cross and relating the sufferings of Christ to how his followers are called to share in them. And, as with McLaren’s Everything Must Change, I would have liked to read about the practical implications of what was being written about through the sharing of some stories.

Well worth a read, and, if tied in with a good reading of Exodus and Hebrews, could serve as a good tool for Bible study groups as well.

Up next on the reading list: Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship by N.T. Wright

    • kristin
    • February 1st, 2009

    thanks for your thoughts. i just finished the book too and have been unable to pinpoint what was lacking in it (for me) until you pointed it out. thanks. for. that.
    also did you know that rob bell is huge? i met him once and his hand swallowed mine.

  1. didn’t know that. thanks for the tip.
    hope the szabo’s are doing well. miss you guys.

  1. December 29th, 2009

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