I’m a little bored of typing up pages of notes for my thesis, so I thought I would take a little tour of the wide world of sports. Here we go.
– – – – –
Tennis star Novak Djokovic had to retire from his Australian Open tennis match earlier this week because he could no longer take the intense heat, which, on the court, was up around 141 degrees F. According to this wikipedia article, that is the level of heat required to cook a medium rare to medium steak.
– – – – –
The unofficial second half of the NHL season has begun. My Bruins kept it rolling with a win over the Caps the other night. Ravaged by injuries before the break, Bergeron, Lucic and Kessel will all be in the lineup tonight and the team is primed to keep this amazing run going. My original preview had the Flyers v. Stars in the finals [oops], and I will now revise that and say Bruins – Flames, basically because it’s too easy to say the Wings or Sharks.
– – – – –
Another of my favorite pro sports teams is the Toronto Raptors, who have until recently been very disappointing this year. X factor Jose Calderon returned last week and they have pounded out three straight wins. I do believe that a trade is on the horizon [JO for Marion?], but remain unconvinced that this team can make any meaningful progress this year [ie: advance to the 2nd round]. I’m hoping for big, roster shaking moves this summer and for bigger and better things next year.
– – – – –
Super Bowl 43 will take place this weekend. I’m hoping to find a place to watch it; if not, I’ll be up in our living room trying to stream the game online. I’m a big fan of Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, and will be cheering for Cardinals all the way. Prediction: Arizona 24 – Pittsburgh 21.
– – – – –
Anyone remember Ray Emery? Let me refresh your memory as to why he is no longer in the NHL.

I’ve read a couple of possible explanations for this outburst. It’s believed that the bald guy is a team doctor or trainer and was trying to get Rayzor to put a hat on. Emery apparently didn’t like his tone, and proceeded to attack him. It’s too bad; I am really pulling for him to get back to the NHL. Can’t see this helping.
– – – – –
And back to taking notes on Dallas Willard.

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