a familiar voice

Lauren was listening to the latest Rob Bell sermon [Light and Skin and Soul] while walking to work yesterday. She called me to tell me that I should check it out right away, especially the first five minutes.

Intrigued, I loaded it up and listened to Rob Bell read an email that was sent to him in response to his recent [and amazing] Letter on a Letter sermon. During the introduction to that letter back in December, he referenced ‘those of you who are washing dishes in Europe.’ So this past Sunday, he begins to read this email from a student in the UK who is just finishing up a PhD and whose wife is near the end of a medical degree, and who, instead of going to church one Sunday, listened to the Letter on a Letter sermon while washing the dishes. Seriously.

The author of the email goes on to say they are “longing for the grace and peace of the resurrected Christ to be at work in our bones and in our streets … We don’t know what the future holds, but refreshment can begin as we centre ourselves in the risen life of Christ who creates all those new possibilities for us to enjoy and explore and discover and yearn over.”

Rob Bell goes on to say “you just like him [the emailer], don’t you?’, to which I could not help but smile. Because we totally know that guy. We have been blessed with the opportunity to become friends with Andrew and his wife over these past months, and as Andrew and I have chatted over coffee and prayed together, discussing church, theology and life, I can emphatically answer yes that question; indeed I do like him. I am blessed by his presence in my life, and am so thankful for the fact that wherever we are, God has always surrounded me with great people like Andrew.

I would recommend listening to this sermon, as Rob Bell does go on to say some profound things that certainly caused me to think about how I act and speak.

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