a taste of winter

I would say that, as Canadians who most recently lived in Manitoba, Lauren and I have quite enjoyed the winter months in Aberdeen, free of snow and with temperatures generally above freezing. This past week was a bit of a taste of home, though. We took some pictures of snowy / chilly Aberdeen, and I will post a few at the bottom. But first, the Monday update.

This past weekend was pretty low key for us. Lauren has been battling a monster cold, so we decided to take it easy. I met her at work on Friday evening, and I would guess that we made it home faster by walking than 90% of the drivers in this city. A little bit of snow and the traffic was backed up literally for hours. We enjoyed a nice supper of baguette and this cheese deal that Lauren prepared, and then I watched Tropic Thunder while Lauren read and slept.

Lauren has gone all out recently in preparing our Saturday breakfasts. This week we had blueberry pancakes [with Nutella of course] and sausages. Having one awesome breakfast on the weekend has become a tradition of ours, and I can’t express enough how nice it is to roll out of bed on a Saturday morning with those smells hanging in the air. Amazing.

The rest of Saturday was spent reading and enjoying a hot beverage at Kilau, going to see Revolutionary Road and hitting the Pizza Express for supper. It was a very fun and relaxing day.

Sunday was all about going to church, walking to the Uni to take some pictures of King’s College in the snow, and chatting with family on Skype.

I received a package from my cousin Scott on Saturday. He has always sent me great stuff [such as Blankets, a book by Dave Zirin and A People’s History of the U.S.A.], and this time was no different. I was pleased to open the envelope and see the one volume edition of Bone. I read a few back in the summer, but never finished the series. These are great graphic novels, and I am looking forward to reading it again from the start, once I am done with these rabbits from Watership Down.

The first week of classes went well. I am excited about both of my courses, and will post some thoughts from each sometime during the week.

I’ve been reading a lot of Hauerwas lately as well, mostly for thesis research. If anyone will be in and around the GTA on March 21st, you must check out Amidst The Powers.

That’s about it, really. Lauren and I are going to Glasgow next weekend and we are excited to do some traveling about for the first time since the holidays. I’ll be doing loads of reading and school work this week to balance out going away for a couple of days.

To end the post, here are a few of the photos taken over the weekend.

The view out our front window when the snow was at its heaviest.

Kirk of St. Nicholas in the Aberdeen City Centre.

King’s College

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