your love is strong

Here’s a Jon Foreman song [one of my favorites, ever] and a couple of random Stanley Hauerwas quotes to enjoy on a Wednesday.

“For prayer is not our pleading to an unmovable or unsympathetic but all-powerful God. Through these and other prayers, we learn to make ourselves open to God’s presence. Prayer is the way we let God loose in the world. As such, prayer is a dangerous activity, for God’s presence is not easily controlled. God is a wild presence calling us to ways of life we had not previously imagined possible … It is no wonder that throughout history various rulers and powers have sought to prevent Christians from praying, since there is no more powerful challenge to their power.”

“The story of God does not offer a resolution of life’s difficulties, but it offers us something better than adventure and struggle, for we are possessors of the happy news that God has called people together to live faithfully to the reality that he is the Lord of this world.”

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