the end of Jay Days

It was a joy to to welcome our good friend Jay to Aberdeen over the past week. Unfortunately, Lauren still had to work, but Jay and I filled our days by touring around the city, chatting at Starbucks and taking a little side trip to the nearby town of Stonehaven. We were able to all hang out in the evenings over great food [pancakes and lasagna … not together] and some adult beverages. It was truly a wonderful time. Here’s some photo proof.

Jay inside St. Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen.

@ the beach.

@ the base of Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven.

@ the pub.

It was cool to be able to walk around with someone coming to Aberdeen for the first time. Sadly, it doesn’t take too long before you begin to take your surroundings for granted, and it was a time of re-appreciation of how cool it is to be studying over here. After Jay left yesterday, I had a big day of class. This was week four, so we have moved past the introductory material and have jumped into the meat of Christian Ethics and Bible in Ministry. It’s all making my head spin a little bit, and I hope to post some class thoughts soon. I spent the day today cleaning, grocery shopping and organizing, stopping to read the paper whilst enjoying a cuppa freshly brewed Starbucks coffee @ home, thanks to Jay. Delightful.

Here’s what else is going on a Friday afternoon:

– I have been going about my business today with the latest releases from Keane and Snow Patrol playing in the background. So far, so likey.

– On top of weekly school reading, I am still making my way through A People’s History of Sports in the United States, and making a second tour through Bonhoeffer’s Discipleship.

– I picked up the Oscar winning documentary Man on Wire from the library, and am hoping to watch it this weekend at some point.

– The current season of LOST is blowing my mind. Coming in, I had no idea what direction they were going to take it, and after some early confusing time travel bits, now it’s moving into some excellent story telling with more of a season 1 and 2 feel to it. I’m will be bummed when it’s all over next year.

– And last but not least, a buddy of mine from my first summer @ Camp Sebago and I have started up a new blog entitled The Funhouse Bible Blog. During that summer, a group of guys would meet in his cabin [known as the ‘funhouse’] to study the Bible together. Joel and I kept in touch via email in the months following camp and would shoot some thoughts back and forth on passages that we would be reading. So, we thought it might be cool to start up a blog where we do just that – pick a book and share our thoughts on it, inviting others to participate in the dialogue along the way. We will be starting with the book of Acts, and the plan is to both have some thoughts on Ch. 1 up sometime this weekend. Oh, and the address is

Have a super weekend.

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