happy fourth blog birthday to me


As of this coming Thursday, Lauren and I will have been in Aberdeen for exactly six months. That seems pretty ridiculous. After the excitement and original transition involved in moving, and then a period of really getting settled through October and November, Christmas and exams happened, and February went by so fast – and now we already need to have be mindful of what life will look like post-Aberdeen. The challenge is to enjoy the experience, embracing each day, each class, each time we get to hang out with the great friends that we have made over here, and each opportunity to travel around along the way, thankful for the fact that we are here today and trusting that the God who led us from Toronto to Otterburne to Aberdeen will certainly continue to be with us.

The weather over here this weekend was prime. Sunny and double digit temperatures. The days are much noticably longer as well. The sun rose at 6.57 this morning, and will set at 17.44. Lauren got up on Saturday and went for a long run with her Run Balmoral training partner. I hear they went to the woods outside the city and Lauren caught some glimpses of the highland mountains. Upon her return, we went for a walk to a nearby park, and enjoyed sitting on a sunny bench and looking at some flowers that have already started to pop out. That afternoon, we hit up a coffee place in the city center and managed to score the top seats right by the window. I read some more Discipleship and Lauren finished The Reader, a viewing of which we enjoyed that evening [after I personally crafted some pretty awesome homemade mac and cheese].

After church yesterday, Lauren went out for coffee with a friend, and I took the long way home by first walking to the sea. It is a treat to have the beach area so close to our flat, and since it was a beautiful sunny day, I thought I would take advantage. I sat on a bench listening to the latest downhere, and it was a very refreshing time.

School wise, March is shaping up to be a busier month. I have a paper due next week, and I want to start reading a book on situational ethics that a 5,000 word paper will need to be written about before the end of the session. Did I mention that Easter break is three weeks long over here? I will try to take advantage of that by writing a [or at least part of a] thesis chapter. So I’ll be reading a lot this month to pit myself in a position do that. Throw Lauren’s birthday in the mix and a possible trip to a famous Scottish destination, and it looks like it will be a great month.

By the way, yesterday marked my four-year blogging anniversary. This was my first post, typed out on my old Dell laptop while I was living in my parent’s basement [which I will never again step foot in]. That seems like a very long time ago. But the crazy thing is that my third post could have easily been written today.

Blog outlook for the week: I’ll be tracking NHL Trade Deadline on Wednesday, and look for some posts on what I have been learning in class as well.

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