day at the beach

Another Monday has arrived. Here’s what’s going on with the McLaren’s.

– We had a very nice weekend, beginning with the great tradition known as the Friday movie night. We watched the last half of the “previously started but fallen asleep in the middle of” Ghost Town starring the always hilarious Ricky Gervais. Lauren called it a night at that point, but I decided to play it like it’s 2002 by staying up to watch a second movie, The Incredible Hulk.

– Lauren got up on Saturday and went for a 10km run in Duthie Park, and Saturday afternoon was spent walking along Aberdeen Beach with our friends the Merrick’s. It was a warm and sunny day, but the wind was gusting like crazy. Wind + beach = sand in the face. We walked down through and took refuge in the old fishing village known as Fittie to where the River Dee flows into the sea in hopes of seeing some dolphins, but there were none to be found. After some ice cream, we parted ways with the Merrick’s only to be reunited for a lovely evening at our place. Note: I need to brush up on my Dutch Blitz.

– After church yesterday, we came home for some amazing Sunday pancakes topped with nutella, raspberries and blueberries, all washed down with some of the great Starbuck’s coffee that Jay [who has a new post up on his blog] left us when he was visiting. Amazing.

– I spent the afternoon reading as I have a huge load of school work to do this week. For example, my one hour class on Thursday afternoon involves a discussion on 124 pages of Barth’s Dogmatics III.4. Add two other sets of readings on top of that, a paper to hand in, another book to read for a 5000 word paper, and thesis research, and you have a full ‘to-do’ list on your plate. While i was doing that, Lauren was happily playing her new Nintendo DS, which is great because she deserves a nice break on the weekends after working so hard during the week. We also were able to chat for a bit with the Friesen’s in Winnipeg, which was very nice. We miss our Manitoba friends very much, and it was fun to see their son Gavin playing about. It’s weird to think that we have been away from MB for almost a year now.

– I recently got hired to work for Inspire, basically a Christian Horizons type organization here in Aberdeen. I’ll be doing some relief work at a program very close to where we live. It will be nice to bring in some extra pounds and to balance out my studies with some hands on practical service.

Not too much going on other than that. We will be day tripping to St. Andrew’s in a couple of weeks, and then heading to Durham with some friends for Easter. Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, we hope to be able to wander around this great island a little more. I posted some new facebook albums on the right hand side of the page of some of our recent adventures.

Time to get ready to hit up my favorite morning reading spot.

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