It’s been a couple weeks since I sat at the Stoop Sportsdesk. But, today is a warm and sunny day, and this reminds me that Spring is the greatest time of the year to be a sports fan – you have March Madness, the opening of the baseball season and the lead up to NHL / NBA playoffs, as well as the Master’s and Champion’s League play. Wow.

Without further ado, here is what is making news on the Stoop Sportsdesk, or StoopDesk as it will now be known.

– The Bruins have been leading the Eastern Conference for much of the year, to the surprise of many, including myself. They have been struggling mightily as of last, but are still 6 points up with about a dozen games to go. Hopefully they can pull it together in time for the playoffs, lest they screw up the #1 seed much like they did in the year before the lockout.

– The Raptors are fully off my radar right now. In short, they blow. Maybe if they played with the kind of passion seen below more often than not, they could have made something of this season.

Those St. Patrick’s Day jerseys are pretty dumb to me, too. The NBA already has a team with green unis with clovers on them; they’re from Boston.

– Since firing their manager, Chelsea has been playing much better, and they are now only 4 points back of Manchester United. I kind of like the idea of the league champions being crowned based on regular season play, balanced out with some competitive playoff-style tournaments along the way. I guess if one team was up by a large margin, it could reduce interest, but it allows for meaningful regular league matches, something that is basically non-existent in all North American leagues, with the NFL as the exception to that rule

– We often take sports for granted; most of us can play, watch and talk about them as much as we want. This story in the paper today really helped to put things in perspective: “An Iraqi football player was shot dead as he was about to score an equalizer. The striker from the Buhairat amateur team had only the goalkeeper to beat in the match yesterday near Baghdad when a supporter of the rival Sinjar club shot him in the head in the final minute of play.

– On a lighter note to end, the NCAA tournament begins this week, and I am hoping that Syracuse can make some noise. I have been cheering for the SU since I was a kid, when my Dad and his buddies would go down on golfing trips and he would bring me back some Orange paraphernalia. Ultimately, I will be picking Louisville to win, a pick based on zero knowledge or insight.

And this has been another edition of StoopDesk.

Time to go get a spring haircut

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