st. andrews

Lauren and I, along with our friend’s the Merrick’s, spent this past Saturday in St. Andrews. And what a great day it was.

St. Andrews is, of course, known as the ‘home of golf’, featuring the Old Course which dates back almost 600 years. Tiger Woods [who did this again yesterday], has won the Open @ St. Andrews on two occasions and calls the Old Course his “favorite course in the world”. And so it was pretty amazing to see this famous piece of land as you drive into town. We walked by the 17th and 18th holes and saw the famous ‘road hole’ bunker as well as the bridge that crosses the Swilcan Burn. Not only that, but the four of us also visited the practice center and hit some balls. I was a bit rusty but managed to hit a few good ones, although I did win the ‘worst shot’ award by literally hitting the wall that divided the practice bays. Oops. Get some peanut butter for the slice. Lauren, I might add, was consistently driving it straight out there. I should note too that this was a ridiculously windy day. I can’t imagine playing a real round of golf in those conditions. The 2010 Open will be held at St. Andrew’s, and I was able to pick up the official golf ball of that event at the golf shop.

After a lunch break, we spent some time walking around town, beginning at the University, which is Scotland’s oldest. We then walked along the coast past the ruins of St. Andrews castle to the Cathedral, which, unfortunately, is also in ruins. Dating back to the 12th century, it was Scotland’s biggest cathedral until 1559, when John Knox preached a sermon in town that led the congregation to get up and destroy anything that had to do with Catholicism. A big ‘boo’ goes out to this aspect of the Reformation. What remains in basically part of its outer shell, allowing you to get a sense of how huge and magnificent this cathedral must have been.

The rest of the day was spent going in and out of shops, taking a coffee break @ Costa, a pub supper, and general great times with James and Allison. Thanks again to the Merrick’s for a fun day. We have yet to put our photos on the computer, so stay tuned for a St. A’s photo post.

Yesterday was spent going to church, where we were blessed to hear Howard Marshall preach. After some pancakes avec nutella and raspberries, we went for a run / walk to Seaton Park to enjoy the sunshine., followed by some reading and a movie viewing. Not a bad little Sunday at all.

And now it is Monday, the first day of my Easter break, during which I will write a paper and read Eugene Peterson’s The Jesus Way. And less than two weeks until we head to Durham for Easter with our friend’s the Stalder’s.

And that’s the update for another week.

    • Ty
    • March 30th, 2009

    dude I just played St. andrews on Tiger 09, i think I saw you and Lauren in the gallery… that is pretty cool seeing it in person, pretty rad!!

    ps. trying to bring rad back!!

  1. that was us! i wish we were going to be here next year for the Open. that would be awesome. it’s on the west coast this year.

    Lauren had a Nintendo DS that I have been rocking Tiger Woods on. what a rad game.

    hope all is well in Thrasherville.

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