friday timbits

A lingering cold and a pretty busy last couple of weeks have kept pretty at a pretty low energy lately, hence the lack of stoop time. Here, however, are a few random timbits.

– Our friends Lynn and Ian Passmore took a tour of Asia back in the fall, and they recently sent us a package that included an awesome ‘Tintin au Cambodge’ tee. I had recently mentioned to Lauren that I am going to be keeping my eyes open for some Tintin books at used bookstores. Les Adventures rule.

– Lauren and I have been watching Season One of How I Met Your Mother. While The Office has been pretty great lately, HIMYM is, for me, the funniest show out there these days, with a very high ‘laughs out loud per episode’ ratio.

– Aberdeen is not the greatest city in terms of scooping up after dogs. Today marked the second time in recent weeks that I walked right through a big mess in the middle of the sidewalk. My apologies to anyone who heard me yell out what I had just stepped in.

Dan Oudshoorn has a great blog post up right now about intentional Christian community. Very interesting.

– Lauren, myself, and our good friends the Merrick’s will be heading to Balmoral tomorrow. Lauren and Allison will be participating in the 10km Balmoral Run, and James and I will be catching up, talking theology and lending our support. Should be a good time.

C’est tous, as they say in France.

Happy weekend.

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