Balmoral 10km

It was months ago when Allison and I first talked about training for the 10km race in Balmoral, Aberdeenshire. After a few months of running home from work everyday and taking longer runs both in the city and shire with Allison on the weekends, the day finally arrived. I was a bit nervous/excited for a couple of reasons. First, this was my first official 10km race. Second, the Balmoral race has a reputation for being pretty difficult based on the fact that it has a 1.2km steep incline up a so called ‘hill’.

The initial views from this route were simply stunning. As we ran along we took in views of the River Dee, sheep in the pasture, and the Cairngorn mountains. We commented on how it was so cool to be running through the Queen’s official Scottish estate. About midway through the race the moment we had been waiting for arrived with a sign saying “Beware the Hill”. In my opinion, it should have said, “Beware of the mountain”, but I digress. We ended up walking mainly because everyone else was walking and there was nowhere to pass and I don’t think I could have fully ran up that hill without vomiting at the top. We finally made our way to the top and were serenaded by a couple of pipers – truly an inspirational moment :). The final few km were nice with the promising view of the finish line close to Balmoral castle. I sprinted at the end and finished in 1:05. It’s a bit longer than I was aiming for, but in light of the monster we climbed, it’s an alright time. We got some nice running shirts and a proper medal as well – bonus!

Overall, it was a most memorable experience and a unique opportunity that I am thankful we embarked upon. A big thanks to Allison for being a fantastic running partner and friend. Another shout out goes to Ian and James, for taking some decent shots, participating in solid theological conversation, snacking while we ran and for encouraging your ambitious wives along the way! I even think Ian was inspired to break in his trainers and join me for the next race.



  1. YEAH US!!!! We did it, we ran up the ‘hill’ and back down again. Thanks for being such a good running buddy and putting up with me 🙂 We need to schedule a rave run at Forvie Sands in May. Wooo hoo. p.s. my legs hurt today

    • Melissa
    • April 26th, 2009

    Great job Lauren!!! I am going to start running again. Maybe we can run a 10 km together when you get back!!!

  2. Thank you! I am in for the 10km in Ottawa Melissa and I think I might go for a half marathon next year – hold me to it!

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