The number of months that we have been in Aberdeen, as of today. Ri [wait for it … ] diculous!

Here’s a quick Tuesday edition of the update.

Lauren had a three day weekend, and we decided to stay local. Lauren hit the town with a friend on Saturday while I watched game one of the Bruins / ‘Canes series. The weather was amazing, so I made my way into town to meet her and read in the park. We went out for a lovely breakfast on Sunday morning, and then happened to pass the cinema at the exact time that a movie that we had been wanting to see was starting, so we spontaneously decided to go see it. [The movie was Milk, and it was a good one.] Yesterday, Lauren accompanied me to my favorite morning spot for a tasty warm beverage and some good reading. When we came home, Lauren set up game two on TSN for me [so I wouldn’t see the score], and while I was watching it, she made me pancakes with nutella and raspberries on top. Delish! It would have been a perfect afternoon had the Bruins actually won. Boo. After that, Lauren posted some photos from our recent trip to Inverness [soon to be linked on the sidebar], I played some games on her DS, Lauren made ratatouille for supper, and we got organized for another upcoming trip. Overall, it was a very nice weekend.

And now, I enter crunch time. Two weeks left of class, with two papers left to hand in, and two exams on the way. And, as I mentioned before, I am trying to get a chapter of my dissertation out of the way, and have been picking up some shifts at my new job as well. Things are good, though. It’s great that spring is here – the weather can be warmish at times, and the days are already crazy long – the sun is rising just after 5 am and setting around 9 pm. Yeah, that’s 16 hours of daylight, and we’re still 7 weeks away from the longest day of the year. Aberdeen is a very blooming city which makes walking around very pleasant indeed.

I’m looking forward to a good and productive week, starting with an Ethics class that begins in just over an hour.

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