good talk

Last week, Lauren and I went with some friends to see the redonkulously funny new movie I Love You, Man. It’s about a recently engaged man who realizes that he is lacking close male friends, and sets out on a quest to find a new ‘bro’ to be his best man. Peter (Paul Rudd) meets Sydney (Jason Segel) and hilarity ensues.

What I enjoy about the recent Apatow mode of comedies is that fused in with the funny is a mix of genuinely nice moments and some good things to think about. What stood out for me in this one was the idea that true friendships and meaningful relationships are based on good, honest conversation. In a world dominated by social network websites designed to help you feel more ‘connected’, it’s possible to believe that we really know people and what’s going on in their lives simply by reading a tweet, status update, or even a blog post. Granted, there is something to be said about distances that separate one from another and the benefit of being able to communicate easier and more frequently. But nothing can replace a good conversation over coffee or during a nice walk that opens up opportunities to cut through the surface chatter and really get to know someone and, in turn, let yourself be known. I can look back and pick out specific situations or discussions that helped to form some meaningful friendships over the years, and even through the development of my relationship with Lauren.

Yes, I see the irony of discussing this in blog format, and I’m not poo-pooing [always wanted to incorporate that in a post somehow] all forms of non face to face communication, nor am I saying that you have to have this kind of deep discussion with everyone you meet. And, of course, I am not saying that the conversations in the movie were very deep, either. At the same time, I think the value of a good chat must be upheld, and I want to make more of an effort to be engaged in honest conversation with others more often.

  1. December 30th, 2009

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