monday monday

Greetings, from sunny Aberdeen, where, if the forecast remains accurate [which it usually doesn’t], we will be experiencing a full week of 16+ hour days of beautiful but not super warm sunshine. Very nice!

Here are some random notes from the past few days:

– On Saturday morning, Lauren and I made our way across town to a church that was hosting a giant book sale. We made off with a bag full of discounted literary treats. Among the highlights were The Blackwell Reader in Pastoral and Practical Theology [listed on Amazon for 24 GBP, purchased by me for just 2!], Richard Foster’s Freedom of Simplicity for 40p, two daily prayer books, two Roald Dahl books, and one more that is so awesome it deserves its own blog post.

– We spent some time in town on Saturday afternoon, only to come home to behold two not-too-awesome incidents. 1) I watched the Bruins lose game four of their series with the ‘Canes. Boo. 2) The ceiling in our kitchen was leaking. To make that long story short, a boiler was leaking in the attic of our building and the leak was making its way through every flat down to ours. Luckily, I was able to get into the flat above us and contain the water there, saving our flat from serious harm. But, it was not the most relaxing Saturday night as I tried to sort it all out. Double boo.

– On Sunday, we were able to hear I. Howard Marshall preach at church, which is always a treat. We then went out with some friends from church for a cuppa, and made our way home so that I could do some reading for school and Lauren could relax by watching a film.

– Later that evening, we took a walk to the beach, and it was so nice to enjoy the sun and surf. We even caught a glimpse of a sea creature that we can both confidently say was a seal. We are holding out for a dolphin sighting, but that was cool nonetheless.

– And, of course, since yesterday was Mother’s Day, we chatted with my family in Ottawa to wish my Mom and my sister both a happy day.

And that’s the kind of weekend it was around here.

In terms of school, I am in my last week of classes right now, with one small paper due Friday and two exams coming at the end of the month. After that, it will be time to put on my thesis socks because that’s what time it will be.

Time to make some homemade nando’s chicken pitas for supper!

  1. It sounds like you guys had a perfect weekend (minus the leaky ceiling). Sweet deal on the books. I am jealous. I’m looking forward to hearing what the last book is.

    I hope you guys are doing well. Miss you guys.

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