sunny sundays

It was a beautiful day in Aberdeen yesterday. We went to church and helped Crown Terrace Methodist Church celebrate 250 years of Methodism in this city. We then met up with the Merrick’s and hit up Scotland’s #1 destination for fish ‘n’ chips, the Ashvale.. This place is so good that apparently they are not allowed to be considered for awards because they would clean up every year. And I believe it. I had to work later on in the afternoon, and Lauren walked me to work by way of Tesco for a Popsicle and the beach to enjoy the sun. It was cool to walk by Pittodrie Stadium while a football match was going on – so many people out and about when the sun is out! A fine Sunday it was.

Speaking of work, I wasn’t sure if I should pick up a shift so close to exams, but as it turns out, I was able to get some studying done on the job. One of the questions for my Bible in Ministry exam will be working through some sort of scenario where a question is asked about your views on the Bible or how it’s read and interpreted. So I’m at work, and the BBC news is on, and one of the lead stories is that of a homosexual Church of Scotland minister here in Aberdeen whose appointment to a local church was upheld by the General Assembly this past weekend. After watching the interview, I went into the kitchen to wash the dishes, and the lady that I was working in, having just learned that I am a theology student, follows in behind me and asks how I feel about all that. I cautiously answered that it’s a tricky area with few definitive answers and possibly not as black and white as most people would like it to be, to which she replied “well surely the Bible says this … ” and “surely God feels this way about it all … “. I replied by saying “first of all, my name’s not Shirley.” bu-dum CHING! Thank you folks, you’ve been great! But seriously, I talked a little bit about context – in regards to both the writing and reading of Scripture – and the reality that we all approach the Bible with certain assumptions about what what it says, or what we want it to say. And I told her that while there will almost certainly be some debate on this and many other issues, it seems to me that what is of utmost importance is that we become more loving individuals through the process of reading and interpreting the Bible – we must ask ‘who we are to be?’ as well as ‘what are we to do?’ I’m don’t think she was hooking into my response like the fish @ the Ashvale, but it was good for me to be able to express some of the things that I have been learning.

The rest of our weekend was highlighted by watching a great film [Frost/Nixon], studying/reading over some delicious Starbucks, and a fine batch of Saturday morning cinnamon/blueberry/banana pancakes.

And that’s the kind of weekend it was. This week will be one of study, with my first exam commencing in just over 48 hours. Lauren’s Mom and step-Dad will be arriving next week as well, so we will be spending some time getting ready for that.

Question of the day: Has the Blue Jays early season success bubble burst, and can they remain competitive in a tough AL East?

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