bad call

When I was a kid [fine, and even as a teenager], you would often find me at our kitchen table enjoying a tasty bowl of cereal and reading an Archie comic book. I don’t know why, but I was always a big fan. I couldn’t get enough of the gang from Riverdale High. I’ve fallen out of the Archie loop, but when I saw the big news this morning, it just could not be ignored.

A central storyline in Archie’s 67 years in print has been the love triangle involving the girl next door Betty Cooper, the rich bit snob Veronica Lodge, and of course the forever waffling redhead himself. Dude has always been going back and forth, unable to decide between the two.

Well, it seems as though the mystery is over. The upcoming issue #600 will reveal that Archie has made his choice and will propose to Veronica. As seen on the front cover, Betty is watching in the background wiping away her tears, and best pal Jughead is looking none too pleased with this latest development. I wonder if Archie went to old Hiram Lodge to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Personally, I don’t know what Arch is thinking. Maybe due to the recent credit crunch, Archie sees an opportunity to cash in on some financial security by marrying into a rich family. But, the majority of Archie fans [including myself] seem to agree that Betty would be the better choice. It must be noted that this issue is the first of a six part series, so one can only hope that Archie will come to his senses.

Or maybe Mr. Lodge will lose his fortune due to the current economic crisis, and Archie will realize that he has indeed loved Veronica all along. That is the only way I would support this animated union.

Perhaps it’s once again time to raid the piggy bank and hit the comic book store come August to see how it all plays out.

And yes, I am currently in a state of study procrastination, but I was reviewing Barth ‘on man and woman’ this morning, so it kind of fits, no?

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