from comics to toys

I know it might seem like I am suffering from a case of revertigo by posting about Archie comics and Pixar movies, but how could I not post this just-released trailer for Toy Story 3?

The synopsis is that Woody, Buzz and the gang get dropped off at a day care centre as Andy leaves to go to college. And it’s going to be in 3D. Awesome. June 18, 2010. Book it.

Lauren is currently in St. Andrews after meeting up with her Mom and step-Dad this morning, while I kick back in the ‘deen and study for my Christian Ethics exam. Awesome for Lauren as she was super excited to see her Mom for the first time in nine months, but boo for me for having to hit the books on such a nice day. However, I refuse to let my studies rob me of the joy that is this amazing weather we have been experiencing, so I am rocking some shorts today. And my Chelsea shirt in support of their FA cup final v Everton this afternoon, which I probably won’t be able to watch. Double boo. But, the end is in sight, and I am excited for a much needed mini-holiday next week.

Time to hit the library to avoid hearing the guy who lives two floors above us get his Susan Boyle on to the tune of ‘Walking in Memphis.’

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