a quiet one

After a busy couple time of hosting family and traveling, Lauren and I decided to enjoy a very quiet weekend. On Friday, I met her at work and we walked home to enjoy supper and begin watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We made it through the first hour and a half before we both started getting a case of of the sleepies, so we had to shut it down and finish it off the next day.

I ended up working for a few hours on Saturday morning while Lauren sorted all of our recent photos. [Three facebok albums are now linked on the right, and I will do a few posts for individual highlights as well]. That afternoon, we grabbed our books and read over some nice drinks at Starbucks, and then came home to finish off the Button. We both liked it very much. We also watched The Wrestler, which I had been jonesing to see for months now. It was really quite good. Lauren was not a huge fan of the wrestling bits, but the story was actually pretty moving, and the accolades bestowed upon Mickey Rourke for his performance were well deserved.

I woke up yesterday to the glorious scent of apple cinnamon pancakes, which were delicious. We then went for a walk through Old Aberdeen to the Brig o’ Balgownie, a bridge over the River Don that was built in the 13th. We found a nice spot to sit right on the river to chat and watch some ducks and swans go by. Once back home, Lauren spent some time baking some tasty homemade baps [or buns], and I read the paper while she worked on some art. Later, we chatted with family, and watched an episode or two of Mad Men.

Very low key weekend, but sometimes those are totally necessary and beneficial. I feel refreshed and ready for another week of reading and writing with a few shifts of work along the way.

And so begins another week in Aberdeen. Not too many left.

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