Apologies for the delayed weekly update….

Apologies for the delayed weekly update. Lauren and I have been quite busy over the last few days. Here are some highlights.

The Longest Day Sunday was, of course, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Sunrise in Aberdeen was about 4:10 am, and the sun set at around 10:10. Taking into account civil twilight, or the amount of light necessary to see clearly without artificial light, there was about 20 hours of light here in North East Scotland. In fact, I walked home from work on Sunday night @ 11 and it was still pretty light out. We have dense curtains so it doesn’t bother us too much in terms of sleeping, but you can clearly tell that it is not fully dark out. It’s all downhill from here, and I can confidently say that I will not miss the days of 5 hours of light come the winter.

Work. Both of us have been working quite hard lately. Lauren was very involved in her school’s production of ‘Annie’ on Thursday, basically making sure dozens of children were where they were supposed to be during the show. No easy task. This is the last week of the regular term, and I know she is feeling sad about the children leaving for the summer holidays. I picked up three shifts over the past four days, and am spending the rest of my time in the Divinity Library working on my dissertation.

Walking in the shire. On Saturday, we spent the day with our friends the Stalder’s, who will soon be leaving Aberdeen for the summer. Sniff. We drove deep into the shire to the town of Ballater, situated on the banks of the River Dee and just East of the Cairngorn Mountains. Once there, we lunched at the old train station where the Queen would stop on her way to nearby Balmoral Castle. We then climbed Craigendarroch, a small hill that provides great views of the village and the mountains. We walked around the village and stopped in for some cake and tea, and then made our way back to Aberdeen for some tacos, adult beverages and a few rounds of Bananagrams. Fantastic Saturday.

A Farewell bring’n’share. That’s what they call a potluck over here. On Sunday, we stayed at church for lunch to say goodbye to our friends Andrew and Rebekah Stobart, who are moving to Durham this week. We have very much enjoyed getting to know the Stobart’s, and are sad to see them go. Andrew and I have met frequently throughout the year to talk all things life and theology over a cup of coffee, and I will certainly miss those times, as well as his wise insight. We are hoping to visit them later in the summer, so this is but a ‘see you later’.

Netherlanding. Lauren’s Opa will be flying to Scotland in early July, and we will be accompanying him to Holland for about a week. We officially booked our flights last week, and Lauren and I are both very excited about this trip as Holland was a priority destination during our year over here. We will also get to meet some of Lauren’s extended family for the first time. We are hoping to possibly pop into Germany as well. Should be an awesome summer holiday.

Looking to the future. Speaking of destinations, Lauren and I are beginning to wrap our heads around the fact that our time in Aberdeen is gradually coming to an end. That means we need to start thinking about what we will do when we move home. But first, we need to start planning our pre-move continental adventure. We have started thinking about a potential tour route, and are getting excited to see more of Europe. When in Rome, right?

And that is the haps for another week. Another week of thesis work is on the horizon, and I am hoping to catch a viewing of Transfomers 2. The outlook for the blog is as follows: I am hoping to post a reflection on the fact that this week marks 10 years since I graduated high school, and maybe some thoughts on this week’s NHL and NBA drafts.

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