suit up

Words spoken by Barney Stinson to Ted Mosby in order to prepare for something legendary – this is the attitude that I am choosing to adopt as Lauren and I find ourselves on the brink of another pretty huge transition. Yes, it is the end of July [even though it feels more like fall here in Aberdeen], and in the coming weeks, Lauren will finish her job, I will hand in my dissertation, and we will bid a fond farewell to the Granite City.

With that reality in mind, this past weekend was spent trying to get organized for our upcoming European travels. On Saturday, we went shopping for some supplies – Lauren got a great deal on some snazzy walking shoes, and I got an even better deal on a coat to keep me dry, something I should have bought 11 months ago! On Sunday we tried to map the trip out a little bit. The details and itinerary are coming together, and we have a pretty good idea of the framework we’ll be working with. We know where the trip will begin [Milan] and when it will end [London], and have some ‘points of interest’ that we would like to hit along the way. It’s going to be a pretty cool September, and an awesome way to wrap up what has been a whirlwind of a year. More details to come on all of this as we get closer to our departure. We also enjoyed some time reading at our favorite local coffee establishments, finishing off season four of How I Met Your Mother, organizing our flat with a view to shipping some stuff home and trying to stay dry in what has been a very rainy stretch over the past few weeks.

Before we left, Lauren wanted to have a little McLaren photo shoot at the University. She asked her very talented friend Rachel to capture some shots of us, and from what we have seen, they turned out great. You can see some of them here, but here a two of my favorites.


That’s what life is looking like these days. Busy and exciting times. I am hoping to blog a full review of D.Webb’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ album this week, and will try to keep ‘the stoop’ a little more regularly updated. Time for a lunch break before tackling the dissertation and a 4-9 shift at work.

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