flight plan and some highland games

August. I used to keep track of the number of months it has been since we arrived in Aberdeen, and now I can actually begin to count down the days before our departure.

The big news from the past week is that we have officially booked a flight back to Canada. Mark October 3 on your calendars, because that is when the McLaren’s will officially roll into Pearson International Airport. Before that, however, we have a some more adventures to partake of, European style. I have already mentioned that we are flying from Aberdeen to Dublin to Milan on the 7th of September. All we know right now is that we will be touring around Italy for an as yet to be determined amount of time before heading elsewhere throughout Central and Western parts of Europe, and that we plan on flying to London late in the month from [probably] Spain. Just this past week we ordered two InterRail passes, which will allow us unlimited train travel for 22 days throughout all of Europe. Should be awesome.

One thing that we really wanted to do before we left was check out some Highland games, which we were able to do on Saturday in Aboyne. The weather was pretty brutal, maybe the worst August 1st weather I have ever encountered. It was nice to be able to take advantage of a freshly stocked Starbucks card [thanks to Mom and Dad] and grab a warm beverage for the bus ride through the Deeside. Once there, we were rewarded with being able to see some unique athletic competition, the Gordon Highlanders Military Pipes and Drum band, and some highland dancing / bagpipe competitions. It was a pretty cool Scottish experience, and I especially enjoyed seeing the Caber Toss. We bumped into some friends from church as well, so it was nice to share part of the day hanging out with them as well. The day was capped off back in Aberdeen with a great meal and conversation with our friends Allison and James.

Now that the stage of packing up our stuff, shipping it home, finishing off our work and getting organized for our travels is upon us, it’s really hard to believe that our time in Scotland is almost over. Before I begin to reflect upon our year here, I have to remind myself that we still have five weeks left; I don’t want to spend the month looking back and forth, but rather by enjoying the time that we have left and taking advantage of the unique day to day opportunities presented to us.

And at present, I still have some dissertation work to do. Off to the Divinity Library.

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