Farewell, Granite City



We’re at another turning point. It’s the little things I’ll miss about our life in Aberdeen:

Walking to church on a Sunday morning listening to the peaceful sound
of St.Nicholas’ bells. It was a weekly comfort I came to anticipate.

High Street. The picturesque road leading to the uni was filled with sights that never got old – bright doors, old trees, the sound of students laughing, the rumbling of wheels on cobble stone, listening to Ian pronounce ‘spital walk’ in his cheesiest Bristish accent with the climax of standing in front of King’s College.

Meeting up with friends at a local coffee shop. From Books & Beans to Starbucks, those moments shared over a latte or a caramel macchiato or a London Fog I will most definitely cherish.

Speaking of warm drinks. Is it me or do warm beverages taste better when it’s cold and rainy outside? It was so cozy to drink tea in bed with a good book and the company of my love in our wee flat. It was in those moments that the busyness of our days would slowly fade and we could allow ourselves to sit in contentment for the little life we have built here.

Weekend excursions to the shire. Checking out castles never got old, hill walks were rejuvenating, and exploring little towns felt like stepping into the pages of English literature.

The tradition of Sunday afternoon strolls continued for us – Old Aberdeen was a favourite.

The pub experience. Steak and ale pie, fish and chips with mushy peas, and the occasional tasting of the haggis over a Belhaven Best. Yum. And of course, football playing on a big screen in the background made our pub times that much sweeter for Ian.

Sainsbury’s, our local grocery store. I liked the variety of international foods here (although carrying our weekly purchases home was not so fun. I miss our grandma cart, but that’s another story).

Shoes. I would argue that shoes are better in the UK. There are more colours and styles.
Dear “Office”, please come to Canada (at a discounted price).
Love, Lauren

Aberdeen beach. Fittie was cute, whippy cones were delicious, and the windy esplanade was great for walks and runs along the North Sea. I regret to say, I did not see a dolphin, but we did see a seal.

BBC iplayer. The people of BBC know art that’s for sure. “Escape to the Country” and “Britian’s Dream Home” were my favourites. It’s fun to dream.

Theological discussions over dinner.

2 for 1 Wednesday’s. Pizza Express: dough balls, ‘polo ad astra’ pizza, a glass of red wine, the company of friends followed by a viewing of the latest film. It was such a fabulous mid-week treat!

There were days I wished we had a car (see ‘Sainsburys’), but I will miss walking everywhere. The 5km walk to work was a daily ritual that presented an opportunity for prayer, reflection, and peaceful time to myself before a day filled with children.

It’s been swell. I hope to bring our (future) children here one day.

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