let’s get continental

One year ago today, Lauren and I were wandering around the streets of Aberdeen looking for some stores so that we could get some essentials for our new flat. Today, our flat has been emptied of all of our stuff except for that which can be carried in our packs. After we shipped the rest of our stuff and met with our landlord yesterday, we made our way into town and watched Scotland v Macedonia at a packed pub. It was a very fun way to spend our last Saturday here, especially since Scotland won. The place went crazy when they scored. Here’s a tweet from Lauren about the experience: went to a crowded pub yesterday. Scotland vs. Macedonia. Should have remembered to duck and cover when Scotland scored. Beer shower. It has been a great year with many memories, and I can’t even begin to process the fact that it’s over. There are many things that I will miss, and I am sure that once we get back to Canada I will feel it even more.

But, for now, our focus is on Europe. Tomorrow morning we will head to the airport for a day of travel that will end in Bergamo, Italy (via Dublin). We know that we will the be heading to Venice, Rome and probably Florence, but, apart from spending a few days on the beach in Spain and ending our trip by coming back to the UK (London), the next few weeks are adventurously up in the air.

So, while on one hand we say goodbye to Aberdeen, we also say a great big hello to Europe! Should be fun. Hopefully we will be able to tweet / facebook / blog along the way.

Stay tuned for some great stories and photos.


Ian & Lauren

  1. All the best as you begin this new journey. Can’t wait to hear updates and see pictures of your travels. Enjoy Europe!

      • Sabrina
      • September 8th, 2009

      So delighted that you guys have had a fabulous year, and that many European adventures are ahead. Looking forward to hearing about it via fb updates! What a way to go out, too, oh how lovely a Scottish pub sounds!

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