in Prague

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. We woke up on Monday to find that it was raining, which threw off a couple if ideas that we had on how to spend our last day in Italy. The beauty of train passes is that you can hop on and off at your leisure, so we decided to drop our bags at the train station and make the hour long trip to Pisa from Florence. The leaning tower was actually really nice, and worth the soggy walk through town.

That night, we took an overnight train from Florence to Innsbruck, from 10pm to 4:30am. It was a bit cosy in our carriage, but we were able to sleep a bit. Any discomfort was made worth it by being able to arrive in Salzburg very early in the morning, allowing us to walk around before the crowds got out. Salzburg is the home of both The Sound of Music and Mozart. It really is a beautiful city, and we very much enjoyed walking down by the river, through the Old Town and up to the monastery. We also enjoyed some lattes outside of the birthplace of Mozart, an amazing chocolate covered pretzel and some genuine Austrian bratwurst. We highly recommend a stop there for any future Euro travellers. It was a nice break from bigger cities.

We knew that our next destination was going to be Prague, and, as it turned out, the best way to get here was to spend a day in Vienna. We arrived yesterday morning, and really loved our short time there. It is a very clean and historic city, full of great shops and things to see. We checked out the royal palace and a Holocaust memorial, and had a drink at an old cafe that was frequented by Freud. We also got to do some practical things like laundry and picture back ups, and add an Austria Starbucks mug to our developing collection.

And now we are in Prague until Saturday. From what we have heard and seen so far, it is awesome, and we are excited to do some exploring tomorrow. We just enjoyed some goulash and beer at a nearby pub, and plan on going to bed early tonight to catch up on some sleep. Our hostel here is amazing – we have done quite well in that area, actually.

After this, we will take a 12 hour train to Freiburg and spend a day with our Tyndale friends the Lorties, and then some time in Switzerland, France and Spain.

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