currently reading eggers and wright

While perusing a used bookstore here in Guelph last week, my good friend Chris Lewis showed me a book by Dave Eggers, explaining to me that this particular author was tremendous and that I would find myself seeing his name everywhere. Right he was. I browsed a few titles at Indigo on Saturday, and then proceeded to watch the fantastic film ‘Away We Go’ (which he co-wrote) that evening. And, of course, he also co-penned the screenplay for the #1 movie currently in cinemas, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

Sp, while at the library yesterday, I jumped at the chance to take out his debut novel You Shall Know Our Velocity, the story of two friends who set out on an epic week long trip around the world with a view to handing out $32,000. 57 pages, I am hooked. Great read so far, and I look forward to digging into some more of his work in the near future.

At the same time, I am making my way through Tom Wright’s Luke For Everyone. I have wanted to begin reading this commentary series for a while now, and Lauren picked this one up for before we left Aberdeen.

If you are not familiar with the For Everyone series, Wright has taken upon himself to provide a guide to each book of the New Testament, complete with a fresh translation of the text. He combines his academic abilities with his pastoral heart to present some top quality insights into the biblical story. Easy to read yet challenging at the same time, I am enjoying time spent every day in this book, and I recommend any of these books to those looking for a fresh approach to Holy Scripture.

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