meet sophie

For a few years now, I have really wanted to get a cat. However, being somewhat transient people living in flats that did not allow pets, adding a furry friend to our little family just has not been possible. As we moved back to Canada, I told Lauren that once we got a bit more settled, we were 100% getting a cat.

Now, I must say that Lauren has traditionally gone above and beyond for my birthday, and definitely tries to and succeeds at making me feel very loved and special every December 1st. But, when Lauren and her Mom went out on Sunday afternoon pretending to get an early jump on Christmas shopping, I had no idea that they would come home with the newest addition to the McLaren family, Sophie!

Lauren had been exploring the idea of getting a kitten, and had recently asked a friend from Tyndale about that whole process, knowing they had three cats of their own. It just so happened that they are soon to be moving to Alberta and had a nice cat in need of a new home. Lauren gladly accepted the offer to ‘adopt’, and now she is with us!

It did take Sophie (or Lady Grey, as I like to call her) a little time to get used to her new surroundings and family. She spent Sunday evening hiding behind the couch in the living room, and most of Monday underneath a bed upstairs. On Monday evening, I managed to coax her into coming to the basement, and she hung out with me for about an hour before retreating under our bed. She also didn’t really eat or drink anything during this time. Yesterday, however, was her big debut. She spent some time relaxing under our bed, but also explored the basement, ran some laps between Lauren and I, and found a chair that she liked and has claimed as her resting space. She now basically stays downstairs with Lauren and I, which is fine by me, and you can tell that she trusts us and is comfortable with us.

She really is a nice cat, and it is a joy to have her around; a fantastic birthday gift from my amazing wife!

    • Melissa
    • December 2nd, 2009

    She is adorable!!!
    Do you think Fibi will like her???

  1. She is terribly cute.

  2. Melissa – I’m sure they would get along, although it’s most likely that Sophie would run under our bed when Fibi or anyone new comes down the stairs!

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