more sophie

It’s been a couple weeks since we welcomed Sophie into our home, and it has been pretty awesome having her around. She was a bit timid at first, but has become more and more comfortable with us. She spends most of her time lying around, splitting her time between the spare room upstairs and on one of two favorite chairs down here. When she is lying about, I like to call her Loafie. She has also started coming into our room in the mornings and spending some time snuggling up the bed. I really quite enjoy that time, except on Wednesday when she rolled in at 6 and started meowing away. Not cool, Sophie.

Here are a few more photos of her on one chair that she really loves. The bottom one is the position she assumes when she really wants a good rubbing. The moment you stop, she’ll give you an upside down look / meow. Very cute.

In short, Sophie is pretty much the best cat we could have asked for, and she is bringing some serious joy to us these days.

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