on ‘storms and fish’

Having given up sports radio for Lent, I have devoted my time in the car to catching up on some sermon podcasts. I have particularly been enjoying the Mars Hill series on Jonah as presented by Rob Bell and Shane Hipps.

One recent sermon was on the storms and fish aspect of Jonah’s story, and in his teaching, Rob Bell delivered this great line:

We, like Jonah, want to be rescued from storms and fish, but sometimes it is the storms and fish that rescue us.

As I thought about what this might mean in my life right now, my mind immediately turned to my current job situation. As I have mentioned, I am balancing two relief positions, one as a support worker for individuals with special needs through Christian Horizons, and the other as a support worker for at-risk children. While it is a blessing to have these jobs in a time when many are looking for gainful employment, I have often found myself grumbling about the difficult nature of these positions, and lamenting the fact that my schedule is basically on an ‘as needed’ basis, leading to several early morning phone calls requesting my immediate presence. I think to myself ‘there has to be something better than this out there’, a job that offers the benefit of a permanent contract and regular hours / salary.

While this may not seem like a raging storm or a huge fish, with the realities of parenthood soon upon us, I find myself crying out to God for a break in this area.

And then I consider the fact that maybe God has opened up these doors at this time to rescue me from the alternative. When I take a step back and examine what I am doing from a kingdom perspective, I can see the value in working in areas that others might not dare to tread, in spending quality time with those on the margins and offering meaningful and much-needed support to those who have been set aside and forgotten. There is meaning and purpose there that extends far beyond a fixed salary and regular hours that other jobs might provide.

It is a blessing to be working, and a even greater gift to be able to daily attempt to bring the light of God’s love into otherwise dark places. And in so doing, I continue to trust that God – as he always has – will provide for us and our growing family as we move forward in this exciting adventure.

I would encourage you to check out this sermon series; it has caused me to think about the often misunderstood story of Jonah in a whole new light.

  1. April 1st, 2010

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