LOST thoughts

After last week’s episode of LOST, producer Damon Lindelof posted the following tweet:

Since the season began, we have been wondering what was going with the sideways story line, and how it connects to the events transpiring three years in the future on the island. In last night’s “Happily Ever After“, we began to catch a glimpse of how these two stories connect, opening the door for a huge change in the conversation.

[side note: why do all the best episode’s centre around Desmond?]

There were two three key conversations from last night’s episode that stood out for me. As Desmond and Charlie chatted over a drink in the bar, Drive Shaft’s bass player tells the story of a blond woman that he caught a glimpse of on the plane just before he fell into unconsciousness, describing it as a moment wherein he experienced the reality of ‘true love’. He did not know this woman, but felt it deep in his bones that this feeling was real and right. This caused him to think that maybe the life he was living was not the way that things were meant to be. From that point on, Charlie no longer cared about music or success, but wanted to chase that feeling, to catch another glimpse of that love that he was missing. [note: in an earlier episode, when Kate and Jack see each other for the first time, you get a sense that maybe they felt something similar to what Charlie experienced here. Just saying … ] This, of course, led him to drive Desmond’s car into the ocean, giving us the amazing flashback to Charlie’s island death and re-introducing Desmond to the reality that he too had, at one time, experienced a love like this.

As Desmond begins to look for this woman named Penny, we get the second great conversation, this time featuring Eloise Widmore, wife of Charles and mother to Daniel. She warns him against pursuing this quest, reminding him that that he already had what he always wanted: the admiration of Charles Widmore. Desmond should accept it, be happy and stop searching. Why? He wasn’t “ready for the truth yet.”

What is the truth? Again, things were not meant to be this way. [This comes out in conversation #3, with Daniel Farraday Widmore]. We must assume that this is true not only for Desmond and Charlie, but for all of the would-be castaways.

Theory time: The cause of all of this? Maybe it’s not just about Juliet detonating the bomb; maybe it’s all Smokey’s fault. The Man in Black has been trying to convince everyone to come to his side, promising them that he can get them off the island and make their dreams come true. Fake Locke promised everyone their very own off-island heaven in exchange for helping him attain his freedom. In doing that, they forgot the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” There’s a huge something missing in this alternate universe; it’s the thing that Charlie caught a glimpse of in his near-death experience, that which Desmond is beginning to pursue with Penny, what Jin and Sun are held back from experiencing because of Sun’s father, and even what Sayid is unable to experience with Nadia: love.

We can have all that we ever wanted, but if love is not present, it’s all for naught.

I have no idea if I am on the right track here, and [like all LOST viewers] am unsure of how it will all play out in the next 5 episodes + the finale, but I believe that last night was the episode that we have been waiting for. The pieces of that backgammon table are falling into place, and the end game is near.

All I know is that in the past three weeks, I have put two episode’s into my personal top 5, and I believe that I will probably say that a few more times before it’s all over.


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