anticipating ‘Kingdom Economy’

At this time tomorrow morning, Lauren and I [along with her Mom and step-Dad] will be at the People’s Church in Toronto attending the Evolving Church: Kingdom Economy conference.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know all that much about the names on the poster to the right; I am most familiar with and most excited about the late addition to the speaking roster, Pastor Chris Seay from Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX. Having said that, I have only heard good things about the other speakers [Cavanaugh, in particular], and am looking forward to hearing what they all have to say on the topic of ‘Kingdom Economy.’

There are three main things that I am looking forward to about tomorrow’s conference. First, while I have been trying to keep my mind engaged and fresh post-MTh, it will be nice to put my student hat on once again and listen to and be challenged by some great minds. [note: my plan is to keep things old-school in terms of my engagement with the conference. there will be no macbook, live blogging or tweeting; all i am bringing is a notebook, a pen, and a pocket Bible.] Second, there is the opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals and enter into meaningful conversations about a very important aspect of the Christian life. As an almost 30 something husband / soon-to-be father, figuring out how to wade through the jungle of financial responsibility from a Kingdom perspective is a huge undertaking, and I want to be equipped with as many resources and good ideas as I possibly can moving forward. And thirdly, [and despite the fact that I heard this week that a couple guys that I had been looking forward to seeing won’t be in attendance], it will be good to connect with people I haven’t seen in a long time. There are some old friends that I hope to be able to have a chat with sometime during the day, and who knows – maybe some new friends will be made sometime between 8:00am and 5:45 pm as well!

[Please note that even though I will not be bringing a computer with me, I fully plan on recapping the day with a series of blog posts beginning as early as Sunday and at various times throughout next week, much like I did after the first conference back in ’06].

It should be an awesome day, and if anyone is interested in attending, it’s not too late to register – you can do so right now by clicking here.

If you are going, the good people of the Epiphaneia Network have sent out these two helpful reminders.

a) Bring a travel mug. Unfortunately coffee isn’t allowed in the main auditorium but it is in the workshops – and it will be available at the first break.

b) If you think you might purchase any of the lectures and bring them home with you, please bring your own 1Gb USB stick as they will be available on mp3 which is much cheaper than getting them on cd’s.

Any questions can be directed to:

Hope to see you there!

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