working through the Bruins loss [and a quick take on round three]

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Lauren is away in Texas, I had come home from work at 11 and knew I had to wake up this morning at 6 [and knowing I only have a certain amount of hours to sleep put extra pressure on actually falling asleep, which in turn keeps me awake], and, of course, I was feeling the emotional sting of having witnessed my favorite sports team collapse within the overall context of an even more epic collapse. To say that I was completely gutted would be a gross understatement, and as I was lying in bed [and most likely under the influence of having read some of Donald Miller’s Searching For God Knows What in the afternoon], I formulated this very philosophical post about how we arbitrarily attach ourselves to sports teams, feel good and/or bad about ourselves or towards others others based on the results of games, and how it all flows out of our quest to find the answers to the question of where our value and worth comes from.

I decided to scrap that, realizing as I drove to work this morning that it really wasn’t worth getting all that worked up about. It’s only a game. Sports are meant to be enjoyed. To be perfectly frank, if you had told me in early March that the Bruins would play in a game 7 for a berth in the conference finals, I would have said giddy-up. As disappointing as it was, it’s always fun to watch your team play late into May, so I would not trade this devastating loss for the alternative of not making the playoffs. On top of that, not many teams get that far in the playoffs and still have the #2 pick in the draft to look forward to. And on a personal level, the fact that the Bruins lost does not reflect on me as a person, even as I feared how others might chirp me about it and formulated some witty preemptive retorts in my head. At the end of the day, as bad as you want your team to win and as hard as it is to take when they lose, it’s not worth getting all pissed off about.

And so, as a wise man used to [and probably continues to] say, “let’s press on, shall we?”

Here are some third round predictions. [for the record, I went 5-3 in the first round, and 0-4 in the 2nd. Ouch.]

Western Conference Finals
(1) San Jose v (2) Chicago
This is a pretty compelling series, really. One team has been on the verge for a while, and the other is stacked with amazing young talent and set to become the Penguins of the West. For what it’s worth, I’ll be cheering for the Sharks in the one, still feeling some loyalty to Big Joe*. Having said that, I think the disappointment will continue to reign in San Jose, as I see the Hawks being too fast for the older Sharks defensive core to contain. And on the flip-side, the Seabrook/Keith tandem should have no trouble keeping their Olympic teammates in check. Chicago in 6.

Eastern Conference
(7) Philadelphia v (8) Montreal
I probably will try to boycott this series in a viewing sense, and will have to suck it up and say that Montreal will most likely continue their roll based on the goal tending advantage alone. Don’t really want to talk about it much more than that! Habs in 7.

On another note, I am going to my first Jays game tomorrow. Maybe it’s time to focus on them. And the Suns.

*Note: after seeing this tweet, I am definitely cheering for the Hawks.

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