why ‘somewhere north?’

So WordPress keeps dropping some pretty awesome new themes, and I dug this one [called ‘Greyzed’] the moment I saw it.

[Changed my mind. No longer feeling that one].

Nevertheless, I thought I would use this theme change take the time to explain a recent title change. This blog had been titled Table For Two for a couple months, but then when we found out that we were having a baby, that didn’t seem to work anymore. In keeping with the Caedmon’s Call theme, I thought I would change the title to probably my favorite song of theirs [penned and performed by Derek Webb]. This song is pretty significant in my life and in our marriage, and here’s why.

The chorus to Somewhere North goes a little something like this:

I give you my life and all I am
But what have I to give?
So I hand you a candid photograph of this little boy
‘Cause I have nothing to my name
But I can give you that.

When I first proposed to Lauren, I wrote her a letter and gave her a framed picture of me when I was a kid. Basically, I was saying that I was prepared to give her all of myself to her in marriage, and all that was really worth was encapsulated in the hopes and dreams of that boy. We are called to walk through life with faith like a child – unsure of how everything will work out, but confident in the fact that He who authored and continues to guide our story would hold and sustain us through it all. That’s what I had to offer, and it holds true today. It becomes even more relevant five years later as Lauren and I together think about welcoming our son into the world, prepared to do all that we can to demonstrate the love of Christ to him in ways that we can’t yet fathom.

And that’s the short story on the blog title.

*Note: I have a few posts in mind to write, one on why I love sports so much, and another based on more thinking about what it means to have Christ ‘in us’ as re-introduced to me by Jesus Manifesto.

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