summer reading

I tend to go through phases when it comes to reading. While I am always reading something to do with theology or ‘Christian living’, I sometimes get a serious hankering for a good novel, and when I do, for whatever reason, I usually latch on to one particular author and read everything that they have written. I did that a couple of summers ago with Douglas Coupland, and more recently with Dave Eggers.

And as the summer of 2010 begins, I have decided that I am going to read some Nick Hornby. I read How To Be Good last year while on a trip to Edinburgh, and just last week I picked up his latest, Juliet, Naked, which I very much enjoyed.

I am currently reading SLAM, and am looking forward to digging into his other books as the summer progresses.

Anyone have any suggestions in regards to other good authors / books that I should check out?

By the way, all the books I read these days are picked up from the Guelph Public Library. If you don’t have a card for your local library, I would highly recommend it.

  1. Have you read Hornby’s Fever Pitch? A must read. How to be Good was lame in comparison.

    How about Yann Martel’s Life of Pi? The most amazing book I’ve read in years.

    • Fever Pitch is on my ‘to read’ list for sure.

      I read Life of Pi a few years back. I have Martel’s latest on hold at the library, though.

      I’m also looking forward to reading Aravind Adiga’s Between the Assassinations, the follow up to the White Tiger, which was excellent. I bought it at the airport on the way home from London, and haven’t gotten to it yet!

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