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I haven’t produced a non-prediction based sports post in a while, but recent goings on with my #1 favorite sports franchise – the Boston Bruins – are too significant to ignore.

Let’s begin with this past weekend’s draft in Los Angeles, where, with the #2 pick overall, the Bruins – courtesy of the Maple Leafs via the oft-discussed Phil Kesses deal – selected Tyler Seguin. The Taylor / Tyler debate was pretty heavy in the days leading up to the draft, and to be honest, I always leaned more towards the Taylor Hall side of the conversation, especially in relation to the needs of the Bruins. I also had the opportunity to see Seguin play earlier this year here in Guelph, and I was underwhelmed by his performance. I have, however, experienced a shift in my thinking, and am now quite pleased with this selection. For one, I think many people are all wrapped up in the accolades and achievements of Taylor Hall, whose junior career in Windsor was nothing short of spectacular. Having said that, the Spitfires were loaded with talent, potentially boosting Hall’s value in the eyes of the public. When you consider that Seguin managed to put up 106 points in 63 games this past season with a far inferior supporting cast, then you begin to catch a glimpse of what a special player he regardless of who he plays for and with. My other reservation about Seguin is his natural position being Centre, a position that the Bruins are currently pretty set at. I then read that the Bruins might try to shift him to RW for his rookie season [a la Patrice Bergeron] to take off the pressure of setting up plays and allowing him to get a better feel for the flow of the NHL game. Considering the Bruins need talented wingers, I think this is a brilliant idea and I am excited to see how he makes the transition to the pros this coming fall.

Speaking of filling a need for scoring wingers, I was very excited to hear the news about the trade for Nathan Horton. I have always been a fan of this former 3rd overall pick, and have sought to add him to my fantasy team in recent years hoping that he will fulfill his potential as an annual 30 goal scorer. I was not that upset about having to give up Dennis Wideman, a talented puck-moving D-man who all too often ended up moving the puck to the sticks of the opposition. I believe that Horton will thrive in Boston, and that he will be able to put many pucks in the net, aided by a talented group of centres …

… that may or may not continue to include Marc Savard. At first I was shocked to hear that the Bruins were willing to part with the talented, point per game pivot, especially after having recently signed him to a 7-year extension. However, with the addition of Seguin and Savard’s recent concussion issues – not to mention some reported attitude issues as well – the move seems to make sense, regardless of who they might receive in return. I would be reluctant to trade him to Toronto, not wanting to see he and Kessel paired up again, and also not wanting to improve their roster at the expense of another potential lottery pick in 2011. We’ll just have to see how that shakes out. Personally, I would like to see him in a B’s uniform for at least this coming year just to see if this group can build on recent second round exits.

One trade I would like to see is the subtraction of Tim Thomas. As well as he has served as a Bruin, his contract is ridiculous, and Tuukka Rask is ready for prime time. Thanks for all you’ve done, Tim … but it’s time to go.

Now I realize that many of my regular readers might not give two hoots about the Boston Bruins, but they are my first sports love so when things go down, I want to get my two cents in. In a similar vein, stay tuned for my official farewell address to Chris Bosh, which will inevitably be necessary come Thursday.

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