back from the echo

Lauren and I went camping this weekend with some friends from church, and a few of Lauren’s brothers friends from the States. We made the drive up to Bon Echo on Friday morning, and quickly realized upon our arrival that it is easily one of the nicest Ontario Parks that we have camped at. We stayed on two of their walk-in sites, directly on the water overlooking the Mazinaw Rock, which you can see in the picture posted below. The sites were very private and quiet, and we had our own swimming area with a great big rock [dubbed Pride Rock] beside the water to hang out on. The itinerary for the weekend was basically non-existent, so our time was spent eating [Lauren planned the meals for the group, so we all ate extremely well], swimming/kayaking, reading, playing ladderball, chatting around the fire and enjoying some adult beverages [not by Lauren, of course]. Key to all of this was the prime weather, allowing for maximal enjoyment of all of the above.

I started reading a book on the practice of Sabbath while on the trip, and the author asked the question ‘what would you do for a twenty-four-hour period of time if the only criteria was to pursue your deepest joy? As I look back on the weekend, many of the elements of this camping trip helped to answer that question for me: great company, delicious food/drink, enjoying God’s creation, no computers/phones, good books, games etc. Although the heat and walking became a bit taxing, especially for Lauren, we are glad that we were able to get away from everything and delight in God’s goodness. The practice of Sabbath is definitely something that I want to explore further, and this weekend gave me a good picture of some of the things I would want to incorporate into my adherence to that particular command.

This weekend was well-needed as we get ready for all that is coming up through the summer. We will be starting to pack soon in preparation for our move at the end of the month, and August will be spent ‘nesting’ and getting things ready for the arrival of our son! Busy but fruitful times ahead.

As for the blog, I have a post about the imminent departure of Chris Bosh all ready to go – just waiting for him to pick a team. I have been reading a new novel by Marcus Borg called Putting Away Childish Things. It’s kind of like New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren, but maybe a bit more radical in terms of its challenge to modern views of Christianity, and from the perspective of a college professor as opposed to a pastor. It’s been pretty interesting, and it has raised the question of truth v factuality: can something be ‘true’ without actually having happened the way the Bible tells us it did, ie: the story of Adam and Eve, or the stories of Jesus’ birth? I plan on thinking through that a little bit and posting on it soon.

Until then, hup Nederland and stay cool Ontario.

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