september call ups

As any baseball fan will know, September can be a very interesting time, even if your team has all but been eliminated from playoff contention. It’s the time of year when MLB rosters are expanded, and fans get a look at some young talent that might make an impact for their team the following season. I invoke this analogy a) because I love sports and can’t wait to see J.P Arencibia develop into a star for the Jays, and b) as a way of expressing that September can be a time of great change and anticipation, setting the table for great things to come.

Throughout our marriage, September certainly has been a time of change for Lauren and I. For example:

– In 2005, we got married in August, and September was spent settling into our new apartment in Toronto, and, of course, into married life. On top of that, Lauren went back to school for her final year and I began a new job with Christian Horizons.

– In 2006, we moved to Manitoba, where Lauren began studying at Providence Seminary. I spent a couple weeks looking for a job before finding work as an education assistant in a rural MB town.

– 2007 was the one September where we actually stayed in the same place. I, however, began another new position, requiring me to wake up @ 4:30 am every day.

– In 2008, we found ourselves packing up and heading off to Aberdeen. We spent that month once again getting settled into a new city and and a new apartment. Lauren began her job at the Hamilton School, and I began my work as a Master’s student.

– Last September found us leaving Aberdeen (a year ago today, actually) and setting out on a European adventure.

And September 2010 is no exception as, literally any day now, we will become parents. Over the past couple of weeks, this reality has begun to set in more and more, and as we see and feel our son moving around, we marvel at the fact that very soon we will be able to hold him in our arms.

While the many changes that we have experienced and adventures that we have embarked on have been challenging and amazing in their own ways, the fact that we will soon be responsible for this new life is both beautiful and overwhelming, and ultimately something that we are both looking forward to very much.

To those who are interested in hearing news of his safe arrival, we will try to get the word out as soon as we can.

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