eighth letter synchroblog

Due to the fact that Lauren and I are expecting our son to arrive … well, really at any time, I don’t anticipate being able to sit down and pound out many posts anytime soon.

I can, however, direct you to the Eighth Letter Synchroblog, which is taking place from today through to the 18th of September.

Here are the pertinent details, as provided by the host of the synchroblog, Rachel Held Evans:

1. Write a letter to the North American Church, sharing what you believe is the most pressing message to Christians living in this culture.

2. Post the letter on your blog, linking to Eighth Letter (http://eighthletter.com) and the synchroblog (http://rachelheldevans.com/8th-letter-synch) Feel free to use the image above. If you tweet, share the link using the #8thletter hashtag.

3. Let Rachel know (via her blog) when your post is up and she’ll add a link to synchroblog main page. (You can simply leave a comment after that post or you can contact her directly; just be sure to include your name and a link.)

There are already several posts up, a few of which I have been able to check out. There’s some great stuff there, so be sure to take a look. And please take some time to write a letter of your own as well. I’m going to try to squeeze one in if time permits this week.

If you tweet, you can also keep track of the posts via twitter.com/eighthletter/

Have a good week, friends. And stay tuned for the baby news!

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